Installation Of A Catheter Hose Below The Peruto

Illustration of Installation Of A Catheter Hose Below The Peruto
Illustration: Installation Of A Catheter Hose Below The Peruto

Good afternoon, doc. I was installing a catheter tube under the abdomen from January 3 until now due to an accident. It’s been 2 months past the usual “but the end” is often blocked and I feel pain in my genitals as if I’m holding back urine. And swelling at the catheter attachment. After being examined the doctor carried out spoling. Is there an infection or need to be replaced in the catheter tube section? Thanks for the reply doc

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A catheter is a device used to expel urine in the bladder. Catheters are of various types. Catheter placement is done by inserting it directly into the urethra so that the catheter tube reaches the bladder and urine can flow out to the catheter bag. The act of installing a catheter has a purpose, from establishing a diagnosis of disease, to treatment. In your case, a catheter is installed to reduce mobilization after an accident. When a catheter is inserted, complications can occur in the patient. Some of these complications include:

Obstructions in the urethra (urethra) such as urethral stricture.
Obstructions on the catheter such as a catheter hose that leaked causing urine leakage
Urinary tract infection. The longer the catheter is inserted, the greater the risk of infection that may occur.
Constraints on the catheter balloon such as the catheter balloon broken or damaged when inserting the catheter and the catheter balloon which cannot expand when it is installed
Clogged urine flow. When clogged, the hose must be removed first to see the type of blockage, whether it can be cleaned or not. Not infrequently, the hose or bag must be replaced if the blockage cannot be cleaned.

You should replace the catheter hose periodically depending on the type of catheter you use to reduce the risk of infection in your urethra. In addition, the cleanliness of the catheter and genital area must be maintained so as not to be easily contaminated with bacteria until an infection occurs. If an infection occurs, do not leave it because it can cause complications. It is recommended that you consult directly with your doctor, so you can get the right treatment right away. If an infection arises, then treatment with antibiotics is needed as directed by a doctor.

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