Instructions For Formula Feeding For Premature Babies?

Illustration of Instructions For Formula Feeding For Premature Babies?
Illustration: Instructions For Formula Feeding For Premature Babies?

Hello, I just gave birth 2 weeks, my baby was born at 35w, weighing 2kg, my milk was not smooth and very little so I had to give milk, I wanted to ask how the instructions for giving milk to my child, and its serving dose and every time when I have to give milk? Thank you

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Hello Desi Hasanuddin,

Similac Neosure for Babies Born Prematurely formula milk is one example of formula milk that can be used as a substitute or supplement for breastfeeding in babies born less than 37 weeks' womb. The nutritional needs of premature babies are slightly different from babies born at term. Based on research, the milk is able to meet the calorie needs of premature babies in order to catch up growth and provide good development in terms of language skills and vision of babies later.

The milk preparations for babies are as follows:

Mothers should always wash their hands with soap and water before preparing milk for the baby
Re-wash the baby bottle equipment and flush with hot water
Hot water that is used to dissolve baby's milk should be left at room temperature so that the temperature is the same as room temperature
Pour 60 ml of water into a bottle of milk, add 1 scoop of milk (using a spoon in the package or the equivalent of 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon of milk). This dissolution will produce milk with 20 kcal / 30 ml.
Premature babies generally need to drink every 2-3 hours. Baby's calorie needs in the first week range from 100-120 kcal / kgBB / day. So that it's easy 120x2 kg / 12 times giving = 20 kcal / giving. You can give 30 cc of milk that has been dissolved each time the child drinks.
The baby's need will increase to be able to catch up to 150 kcal / kg / day of weight gain. See also the tolerance of children every time you drink, for premature babies and underweight (<2500 grams) will usually start with a small volume first and then see afterwards if there is vomiting, bloating, or changing BAB patterns.
After good tolerance, babies can usually be given in more volumes whenever the baby whines hungry.
Canned milk that has been opened only lasts 1 month when stored in a cool place and avoided from direct sun exposure.
Milk in a bottle only lasts 1 hour at room temperature. When stored in the refrigerator it can last 24 hours. If you want to give milk from the refrigerator, you can place the bottle in warm water to the temperature of the milk in the bottle in accordance with room temperature.

Proper milk delivery depends on the goals to be achieved. The calorie needs of premature infants and low birth weight certainly require further evaluation by a pediatrician. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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