Intake In Elderly Hypertensive Patients?

Hello, my mother has 59 years of hypertension. Currently being sick coupled with aches and aches throughout the body, especially from the waist to the bottom. So to walk must use help. That’s why, plus he can’t eat because of nausea if he is fed, he can only drink. What liquid intake should be given in the form of liquid huh? Thank you very much ..

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Low back and leg pain, nausea, can be caused by several factors, to find out the cause, it is necessary to do a history exploration and physical examination directly. some possibilities include:

Osteoarthritis Gout arthritis HNP Muscle cramps Muscle pain Dyspepsia GERD Gastric ulcer Good food intake for people with hypertension:

Limiting consumption of sodium, both in the form of salt and high-sodium foods, such as packaged foods (canned foods), and fast food foods Limiting consumption of meat and high sugar foods Reducing consumption of high cholesterol foods, and containing trans fats Increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits- fruits, and processed low-fat milk Eating fish, poultry, nuts, and whole wheat foods For the time being you can do include:

Maintain a regular diet Eat small portions, but often. 4-5x per day Avoid spicy, sour, oily, coconut milk foods Avoid caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea and fizzy Avoid heavy eating too late or before going to bed Light exercise that does not overwork the footwork, such as biking or swimming Avoiding lifting heavy weights Not smoking , do not consume alcohol Sleep and rest sufficiently Manage stress If the complaints felt by your mother does not improve, you should check your mother to a specialist in internal medicine to get further examination and treatment related to the condition of your mother.

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