Internal Disease

Illustration of Internal Disease
Illustration: Internal Disease

Are there any effects from sexual diseases arise to liver disease. Please explain to the doctor. Is there any connection with bacteria that can damage the liver.

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Hello Leo, thank you for asking

Sexually transmitted diseases are infections that are transmitted through intimate relations whether vaginal, anal, or oral. Infection occurs because bodily fluids in the genitals contain viruses or bacteria that can attack a partner when one or both of the sexual behaviors are unfavorable and risky. Apart from intimate contact, transmission can also occur through blood transfusions, repeated use of syringes, and transmission from pregnant women to the fetus during pregnancy or during delivery.

Generally sexually transmitted infections have symptoms that appear around the genitals, such as pain when urinating, vaginal discharge, lumps around the groin, dry reddish penis skin, and others depending on the disease. There are also those that initially do not show symptoms at all such as HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, but later symptoms appear such as fever, heartburn, and signs of liver damage. In addition to AIDS the symptoms are wider, because the body's immune system is decreasing, so the symptoms that appear are symptoms of other diseases that easily infect the body such as flu and diarrhea that never gets better.

Related to bacteria that damage the liver, maybe what you mean is hepatitis B / C. Hepatitis is caused due to infection by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV). Both of these viruses are contained in blood or in other body fluids such as sperm and vaginal fluid. That way, the transmission of the virus can occur through sexual intercourse as well as sharing other personal tools such as razors, toothbrushes, syringes that have been contaminated with blood with hepatitis B / C. People who are susceptible to this virus are:

Doctors, nurses and other health workers
People change partners and don't use condoms
Drug users by injection
People with low immunity such as people with HIV-AIDS, people with kidney failure, and people with diabetes
Fetus with a mother infected with hepatitis B / C

To prevent hepatitis B, a hepatitis B vaccine can be carried out. If someone is infected with this hepatitis, then there can be damage to the liver called cirrhosis. To get further references on hepatitis B, please read the link of this article.

I hope this helps


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