Intestinal Tumor

Illustration of Intestinal Tumor
Illustration: Intestinal Tumor

What causes intestinal tumors? my father had just undergone a health examination and the doctor said that my father had an intestinal tumor. We did not realize it because previously the symptoms that appeared resembled hemorrhoids. The location of the tumor is about 4 cm from the anus. What are the suggestions for healing the dock? Do you have to do surgery and chemotherapy?

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Intestinal tumor is a condition where the occurrence of malignant cell division in the intestine can be asymptomatic or mild symptoms such as diarrhea, difficult chapters, bowel movements with blood. So it will usually be difficult to detect at the beginning and need physical and advanced examination such as blood tests, photographs, even the best is to take cells.

Some of the triggers are

Eat less fiber
High consumption of trade
Smoking and alcohol
Previous intestinal polyps

Related to treatment usually depends on the stage or stages experienced

In the early stages it is best to do surgery to cut the part with the tumor
At an advanced stage it is necessary to administer the drug first with chemotherapy or radiotherapy that can be continued with surgery in some cases

We recommend that you further consult your father's condition to the doctor, especially oncology specialist

Thus information may be useful

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