Intimate Relationships When Experiencing Boils In The Butt?

Good night,. You ask, may it be possible for a married couple to have boils on the buttocks, but have sex? Is it susceptible to transmit to their partners?

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Hello Khairita, thank you for asking.

Boils are infections of the body's hair follicles caused by bacterial infections. Infected follicles then become inflamed, swollen, reddish, and pus forms around them. This is what causes pain in boils. Generally pus that is formed must be removed or will find its own way out by solving ulcers.

Boils are not a contagious disease. Although caused by bacteria, boils are not contagious. Ulcers are caused generally by bacteria found on the surface of all human skin. Having sex is not a problem when experiencing boils. However, it might cause discomfort due to pain.

However, it doesn't hurt if you or your partner consult a doctor. The doctor will assess whether the disorder is a boil or maybe other disorders. For example, fungal infections, dermatitis, or scabies. If there is a possibility of skin disorders in the form of ulcers, then of course there is the possibility of contagious, especially if caused by fungi or parasites. Then please consult with your doctor directly, in order to get clarity.

Hopefully this answer is helpful. Regards.

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