Intractable Epilepsy In Infants Aged 10 Months And Still Often Seizures?

Illustration of Intractable Epilepsy In Infants Aged 10 Months And Still Often Seizures?
Illustration: Intractable Epilepsy In Infants Aged 10 Months And Still Often Seizures?

My child was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy since the age of 7 months, because he fell from the bed floor mattress, until now every day still often convulsions, 1-4 times a day with a duration of under 1 minute.

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intractable epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease that appears in childhood that will affect the quality of growth and development and potential of children in the future. it is characterized by the persistent epileptic seizures after being given a combination treatment of anti-leptic drugs (OAE).

Intracticel epilepsy appears to be caused by a number of conditions, including brain damage due to asphyxia, congenital infections, brain malformations and metabolic disorders. Another thing related to the occurrence of intractic epilepsy is genetic factors, and it is suspected that it is caused by excessive expression of anti-epileptic drug resistant proteins.

mortality (mortality rate) and morbidity (morbidity) with intactebel epilepsy is quite high. Mortality rates for intractable epilepsy are 2 to 5 times higher than common epilepsy. while the incidence of sudden death is reported 1 per 100 people per year with the most common cause of aspiration pneumonia.

you should immediately consult back to the doctor who handled your child before. to evaluate your child's illness and carry out direct tests and provide permanent treatment. because with the right treatment maybe your child can get a good response.

intactebel epilepsy children who have failed OAE therapy, need to be estimated to undergo ketogenic diet therapy. The ketogenic diet consists of foods high in fat and low in carbohydrate and protein. one-third to one-half of children with intractic epilepsy give a satisfying response to the ketogenic diet therapy.

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