Introvert Personality Traits?

Illustration of Introvert Personality Traits?
Illustration: Introvert Personality Traits?

Afternoon doctor r nI am an RNS, I want to ask a strange personality in my opinion, I am very quiet not too fond of crowds, but like beggars and always want to give something if there is something seen. R nBut for people who have enough feeling just normal. r nI just keep looking at the person for the first time, I immediately feel good or not that person. So from there every thing that is not good in my opinion, I will not approach or say even a word if on the contrary I will approach in a way whatever it is. r n r nContinue yes, I often fantasize before going to sleep, my imagination is the writing that I make. Every time I want to sleep, the fantasy will be continued and I will write down every fantasy of mine tomorrow. r nNormal, this is my personality, if it’s normal thank God if it’s not normal how to overcome it?

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Hello RNS Thank you for asking

Introverts are a type of personality that tends to be closed or shy. Someone with an introvert personality will tend to process things or all the actions and words that will be conveyed they will think about first, and those with an intorvert personality will also choose to reveal the contents of their thoughts to others or not. And basically intovert personality can still do socialization like other people.

Following intovert personality traits:

Tend to prefer doing tasks in terms of planning, think about solving a problem, and remember Prefer to think about ideas or memories in their own minds. Prefer to do things like researching, reading, or writing Usually people with intorverts will be more comfortable talking privately, rather than talking with a group of people, although choosing to interact with a small number of people they will feel more meaningful and can be more useful. Introverted people interact with many people just for modest course Further articles that you can read about: Introverted Personality

While Antisocial is a pattern of behavior that deviates from the norm and continues to be carried out continuously which leads to an activity that is not useful even can endanger themselves. One sign of a person having antisocial behavior is when he violates or attacks that are the rights of others. Here are other examples of signs of antisoisal behavior:

Ignoring the rules does not matter which is right which is bad Always lying to take advantage of others for example Being rude, disrespectful manipulating Being arrogant Usually having a certain criminal history Lacking a sense of empathy and sympathy towards people The following are further articles on: Antisocial Personality

If you tend to be alone and pick out who you interact with does not mean you have a personality disorder and does not mean you have an introvert or antisocial personality. So the definition of anti-social personality is not a personality that doesn't like crowds, but rather a disorder of behavior that deviates and tends to violate the prevailing norms and is carried out continuously.

And to be fond of imagining, every human being must have fantasized and that is natural. Said to be reasonable if you are still able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. But if you find it hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and when you believe the delusion is really real then it can be said to be a mental disorder. If this happens you should consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

But if you can still distinguish between fantasy and reality and it does not interfere with your activities such as interfering with work, then you do not need to worry too much because if you fantasize is still in portions and a reasonable duration that is normal.

So our answers, hopefully useful.

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