Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Causes Of Premature Menopause?

Illustration of Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Causes Of Premature Menopause?
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In general, women will experience menopause around the age of 50-51 years. Premature menopause occurs when you experience menopause before the age of 40. This condition is often characterized by irregular menstrual cycles, absent menstruation for months, very little or excessive menstrual bleeding, and also body that feels uncomfortable and hot (hot flashes). In addition, various other complaints, such as vaginal dryness, difficulty controlling urination, unstable emotions, dry skin, difficulty sleeping, and decreased sexual desire can also accompany.

Various complaints that arise in women who experience early menopause occur because the body does not produce adequate estrogen. Triggers can be due to genetic disorders, side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, hormonal disorders (such as hypothyroidism, lupus), and so on.

However, you should also know that irregular menstruation as you are experiencing can also arise due to other causes, so it is not always related to early menopause. Some of these possible causes are:

Hormonal imbalances, such as due to stress, fatigue, doing strenuous exercise, dieting too extreme Too fat, too thin Polycystic ovary syndrome Thyroid gland disorders Pituitary gland tumors, etc. For that, if the complaints have been going on for a long time, you should not be afraid to get yourself checked directly to a gynecologist. The earlier the cause of your complaint is detected, then of course the treatment can be done faster, and the potential for healing will be higher. If not handled properly, it is feared that irregular menstruation can make it difficult for you to plan a pregnancy later.

At this time, you should change your lifestyle to be healthier so that menstruation runs more regularly and vaginal discharge is reduced. The trick is to always maintain the cleanliness of the intimate organs, exercise regularly, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, reduce stress, maintain an ideal body weight, and rest regularly every day.

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