Irregular Menstrual Cycles?

Illustration of Irregular Menstrual Cycles?
Illustration: Irregular Menstrual Cycles?

Hello, I have to ask …. I first started my first grade of junior high school around the age of 13 years … when I was 14 my period stopped about 8 months … khwatir, get treatment and consultation at that time … the doctor said it’s normal because age was also still young … then at that time I was given a rich drug supplement that every day routinely taken up to 1 month for fishing so I could menstruate again … well from there thank God my hàid went smooth again every month I menstruated until I was 21 now , … well, my I’m already married, I really have a baby soon … I guess “the slow period of my 13th birthday has an effect on my hormones, I can’t … It can still be said to be fertile or should be consulted. I’m married just 2 weeks … after 3 days of marriage I immediately menstruated …

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Hello Rosmaliah,

Thank you for asking

It should be clarified, is your menstrual cycle at this time still normal and smooth as usual? Are there certain complaints that you experience relating to the function of your reproductive organs, for example menstruation that goes out of schedule, severe menstrual pain, menstrual bleeding that is too little or too much, and so on?

When still in the early days of puberty, most women are menstrual cycles are irregular due to the influence of hormones that have not been balanced. As we get older, of course, with a balanced lifestyle, of course, this irregular menstrual cycle will gradually improve without the need for special treatment. Not only due to the influence of hormones, irregular menstrual patterns can also occur related to drug side effects, less ideal body weight, excessive physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, stress, or also certain diseases, such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, myoma, hyper or hypothyroidism, and so on.

If you have previously been seen by a doctor, then declared not to have a serious illness, and your current menstrual pattern is normal, often your condition is not dangerous and does not also have a negative impact on your fertility. You and your partner can focus on planning for pregnancy by:

Regularly have sex, especially during the fertile period, which is every 2 to 3 days
Live a healthy lifestyle, sleep more regularly, eat balanced nutritional value foods, multiply fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, not accustomed to eating instant food and preservatives, maintain ideal body weight, exercise every day
Control your emotions and stress well, don't overexert physical activity
Do not carelessly take drugs or supplements, including fertilizers or menstrual smoothing supplements
Stay away from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol

If after the age of 1 to 12 months after marriage you and your spouse have not been blessed with a baby, you should both check directly to the doctor or obstetrician. A series of tests, including blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, sperm analysis, and so on, can be done by doctors so that they can detect the possibility of conditions that interfere with fertility, and given the best treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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