Irregular Menstruation?

Illustration of Irregular Menstruation?
Illustration: Irregular Menstruation? Bing

I’m a 20-year-old woman, I want to ask why if my menstruation doesn’t go smoothly, there’s a problem with the date. But definitely every month of menstruation. What to do? I’m afraid why thanks.

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Good evening Dewi, thank you for your question.

Menstruation is a natural cycle that occurs in a woman's body. Menstruation occurs due to the decay of the lining of the uterus and egg cells which then flow out of the body and mix with the blood. Where this cycle will generally appear about every 4 weeks (28 days) from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation. Everyone's menstrual period is different from the normal range of 21-35 days.

Previously I wanted to ask if the distance is still the same ?? Or are they different?

Your menstrual cycle is basically normal depending on how your monthly cycle is. Irregular menstrual cycles generally occur due to hormonal balance disorders, which can be caused by several conditions, including:

·        In the first 3-5 years after the first menstruation

·         Patients with eating disorders (such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia)

· Overweight or body mass index (BMI) > 30

·         Malnutrition (malnutrition)

·        Psychological stress

·         Athletes

·         Vitamin K deficiency

·         The use of certain drugs

·         Blood clotting disorders

Thyroid hormone disorders

Ovarian cyst disease

Some menstrual disorders are:

-       Metroragia where there is bleeding between 2 menstrual cycles

-       Menorrhagia is excess blood volume during menstruation

-       Polimenorhea is menstruation that is faster than it should be

-       Amenorrhea where there is a cessation of menstruation

-       Dysmenorhea, namely pain during menstruation

-       Oligomenorhea is menstruation longer than 35 days.

To be able to ascertain whether the complaint that you are feeling is the cause of the menstrual disorder that you are experiencing, I suggest that you check with your doctor or obstetrician. The doctor will ask various things related to your complaint, carry out a physical examination on you and if necessary the doctor will carry out supporting examinations such as blood tests and ultrasound or even hormone examinations if menstruation continues to be disturbed for 3 consecutive months.

You don't need to panic, you still have to be calm. You still have to maintain your lifestyle by:

1.    Improve your diet by eating regularly 3 times per day according to your calorie needs. 2. Eat – foods that are nutritious and rich in fiber. 3. Start getting into the habit of drinking lots of water, at least 2 L/day 4.   Adequate rest 5.   Manage your stress wisely 6.    Regular exercise 7.    Take the medicines given regularly and follow the instructions of the doctor who treats you. You can read the article below this. Beware of Abnormal Menstruation

May be useful,

Greetings, Dr. Diane

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