Irregular Menstruation After Curettage At 15 Weeks Gestation?

Good night. I curetted on October 4, 2019, 15 weeks of pregnancy because Iufd. 1 week later the bleeding stopped and the SpOg doctor had allowed hb on the condition of the condom clause. After intercourse my stomach aches and spots come out again for about 4 days. After that it was clean until November 8, I menstruated with a large amount of blood for up to 3 days. Day 5 stops menstruation. But on the 7th day, black spots appeared. But not routinely about 2 days or 3 days out black spots. Now on November 21, I drink milk for promil for the first time 10 minutes later fresh blood spots come out. Is this normal? Before getting pregnant my menstrual cycle is normal and menstruation is usually 7 days.

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Hello Iyuk,

Thank you for the question.

Abdominal pain, bleeding out and recurring spots from the birth canal after sexual intercourse after undergoing a curette can be a normal condition due to your hormonal and reproductive organs not being recovered after the curette and your previous pregnancy. However, if the abdominal pain is significant, or the bleeding is quite extensive and prolonged, it is also worth thinking about other possible causes of this condition, such as injury to the birth canal due to excessive sexual intercourse, pelvic inflammation, the remnants of tissue left in the uterus after a curette, urinary tract infections or stones, endometriosis, myomas, and so on.

If the above conditions you experience, you can check yourself back to the doctor or obstetrician to be evaluated through physical examination, ultrasound, laboratory tests, or maybe other supporting tests. In this way, the best treatment can be done according to the conditions that underlie your complaint, such as by being given drugs, supplements, surgery, or maybe other therapeutic modalities.

Our initial suggestions for you:

Not too much to have sex before the spots stop coming out
Even if you want to have sex, do the maximum foreplay before penetration of the penis into the vagina
much rest
Warm compresses on painful stomach
Drink plenty of warm water too
Don't eat too late
Wear comfortable clothes
Don't use activities that are too tiring
Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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