Irregular Menstruation After Miscarriage And Consumption Of Hormone Drugs?

afternoon I want to ask, when in October 2018 I was pregnant, but the BO until December I miscarried. January 2 I went to an infertile specialist and was given a cycle regulator. on the 9th of January I got my first men after a miscarriage. my men cycle changed to 35 days. in February 13, March 19. April I should menstruate on the 23rd but until April 30th I haven’t menstruated. before I had experienced menstrual symptoms, namely breast pain and lower abdomen pain, and my back ached. I try tespack every day, the last date is April 29, 2019 and the results are negative. but I experienced quite a lot of colorless vaginal discharge. please info. I have an appointment to see an infertile doctor on May 8 2019. thank you

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Menstruation is the discharge of blood from the birth canal that occurs in cycles, generally has an average within 28 days. The duration of a normal menstrual cycle has a range between 21 - 35 days. With a normal menstrual duration between 2-7 days. The menstrual cycle is influenced by hormonal fluctuations in the body so that the uterine wall thickening can occur as a place for implantation of the results of fertilization, if implantation does not occur then the uterine wall will decay.

Some abnormalities in the menstrual cycle that can occur include:

Oligomenorrhea. Long menstrual cycle conditions, so menstruation rarely occurs.
Polimenorrhea. Short menstrual cycle conditions, so that menstruation often occurs.
Dysmenorrhea. The condition of pain in excessive menstruation.
Metrorrhagia. Conditions for bleeding out of the menstrual cycle.

Abnormalities in the menstrual cycle can be influenced and caused by disorders in the regulation of hormones in the body, can be caused by abnormalities in the reproductive organs such as the presence of cysts, myoma, tumors in the reproductive organs, malignancy. It is advisable to consult an obstetrician if there are permanent menstrual abnormalities. You can consult your obstetrician according to schedule in advance.

If you experience severe abdominal pain suddenly, bleeding out of the birth canal suddenly / a lot, can immediately consult a gynecologist sooner than your schedule.

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