Irregular Menstruation & Hormone Drug Consumption

Good evening, I’m Dinar 23 years old with height and weight 158cm / 41kg. I have had complaints about my menstruation that was irregular since the beginning of my period in middle school until now. Month x I will menstruate 7 days accompanied by pain, the next month / month y sometimes I menstruate 3 days without pain or sometimes no menstruation at all, then return to the menstrual month x 7 days.

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I help answer your questions sequentially yes.

 Irregular menstruation can be caused by quite a lot of possibilities although the most frequent cause is due to disorders of the female hormonal balance. Because of the many possibilities, the treatment can not be done haphazardly and must be at the instructions of the obstetrician after an evaluation and determination of the cause. In addition to treatment must be in accordance with the cause, treatment must also be in accordance with instructions and doctor's advice is not recommended to stop, replace or add treatment without a clear recommendation from a doctor, especially in the use of hormonal drugs because the treatment process that is not in accordance with doctor's instructions can actually worsen complaints .
Therefore, before you decide to use drugs, especially hormonal drugs (including birth control pills) carelessly, it is very important to re-consult your condition with an obstetrician so that treatment is tailored to the cause of your current condition. If based on calculations using the body mass index (BMI) formula, your BMI is at 16.4 which when compared with the reference value that applies to Asians, then your BMI is in a group below the normal value (<18.5). This condition can certainly affect your menstruation, especially through the formation of hormones due to low BMI, which tends to be caused by a lack of nutritional intake so that the process of female hormone formation that plays an important role in menstrual processes becomes disrupted which causes various menstrual cycle disorders.

  You are not recommended to take these drugs or other hormonal drugs (including birth control pills) without a doctor's prescription because you do not necessarily need these drugs again and can risk worsening your condition if used without clear instructions from your doctor.

  Hormonal medicine is given to help regulate one's menstrual cycle mainly through helping to regulate the amount of female hormones of the body that are important for the menstrual cycle to occur. Because the menstrual cycle is a cycle that is very complex and very dependent on female hormone levels (both from the body and supplement through drugs), the use of hormonal drugs does risk causing prolonged menstruation especially if the drug is consumed is not in accordance with the recommended length of use because it can cause hormone levels in the body to become increasingly unbalanced.
Therefore, your complaint is very likely caused by the use of hormonal drugs that are not in accordance with the rules because if based on the results of your previous ultrasound there were no other abnormalities at risk of causing your complaint.

  Irregular menstrual cycles can indeed be one of the symptoms of PCOS, but PCOS cannot be diagnosed based on complaints alone without the results of other investigations such as ultrasound that shows that there are abnormalities in the ovaries that match the PCOS picture. Therefore, further consult with your obstetrician for further evaluation to determine whether you really have a PCOS, ovarian / other uterine abnormalities or just caused by hormonal imbalance. In the meantime, it is highly recommended for you to:

 Not worrying about your complaints excessively due to excessive anxiety / stress for the body and psychology can actually aggravate complaints so that the menstrual cycle becomes increasingly disorganized. Maintain the food you consume so that it is always sufficiently nutritious and balanced every day. Improve your body to be ideal by doing patterns healthy life Get adequate and quality rest every day at least 6-8 hours a day Do exercise regularly at least 30 minutes every day, and avoid excessive exercise Avoiding the consumption of any drugs, including over-the-counter drugs, without the need or clear instructions from Hope doctors help.

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