Irregular Menstruation Since 2013?

Illustration of Irregular Menstruation Since 2013?
Illustration: Irregular Menstruation Since 2013?

Hello r nYes 22yrs n haven’t married .. r nI have experienced menstruation and menstruation is as irregular as of 2013. r nI have visited the doctor several times, but my period only occurred in that month n months without menstruation again .. r nLastly I need to go to another doctor, I asked for a lab check. Hsilx Lh = 4.91, fsh = 6.57, insulin = 18.46 n glucose = 91. r nDoctors are not insulin high enough glucose .. I advise you to use it regularly, but it’s not too heavy. And I gave a cyclo progynova cycle .. I still got to go to hbs .. I had several days on the 6th march and I had my period .. And my period was 31 March-3 April … Menstruation, but no menstruation too .. r nI want to stop my support, I hope for him to ask the doctor whether I continued the medicine or not … after all, when I forgot to name the medicine (cyclo prgynva). r nDan the doctor also forgot to think that before I had already taken the drug metformin … r nAnd finally the prescription metformn 850mg, until now I haven’t consumed it … Because I’m afraid of doctors, remember, thanks because the dosage is quite 850 … yes? Thank you, thanks for the help 😊

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Menstruation or menstruation is a routine cycle that women experience during their reproductive years. This condition is greatly influenced by hormone levels, so anything that affects hormones can also affect the menstrual cycle. Among the conditions that can cause irregular menstruation are:

Stress, anxiety, worry Overweight or underweight Weight rise and fall too drastically Side effects of drugs Consumption of fatty foods Certain health problems such as cysts in the ovaries and thyroid gland disorders Fatigue, lack of sleep, extreme exercise

In your case, the drug that is given to you for the first time is indeed a drug that aims to smooth menstruation because it contains a derivative of the hormone progesterone. But for metformin, this drug is a drug that is usually given to people who have high blood sugar levels and is not routinely given to people who have menstrual cycle disorders. Our advice, because your condition is also not an emergency or requires immediate treatment, do not take metformin before you re-confirm it to your doctor, either by telephone or by visiting him in person. Because what is worried about giving high doses of metformin to those with normal blood sugar levels is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. If you have confirmed it back to your doctor and it must be consumed, then you consume it as directed.

Meanwhile, live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding stress, getting adequate rest, regular exercise, drinking lots of water, consuming vegetables and fruits, and avoiding fast food and fatty foods. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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