Irregular Menstruation With Stomach Cramps At The Age Of 40?

Illustration of Irregular Menstruation With Stomach Cramps At The Age Of 40?
Illustration: Irregular Menstruation With Stomach Cramps At The Age Of 40? Bing

Hello, I’m a housewife, I’m in my 4th head this June. I want to ask about my period like this: on the 2nd of the 4th month I had my period but it hasn’t bleed yet, it’s only brown. It lasted for 2 days after that, I bleed but a little bit of it. The slightly dark red blood lasted until the 7th and 8th I was clean and on the 8th my husband and I had sex after 2 days of my menstruation again accompanied by stomach cramps. .why ya there with me?? before menstruation, my stomach hurts, I take painkillers and the pain gradually goes away.. if after menstruation I also sometimes have stomach cramps.. it hurts, please explain what’s wrong with me?? thanks

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hi nyayu,

Thank you for asking

Along with age, the hormonal balance in a woman's body will change. This condition is more striking from the age of 35 years and over. As a result, women will often experience disturbances in their menstrual cycle, it can be in the form of prolonged menstrual bleeding, too little, spotting outside the menstrual cycle, and so on. Complaints like this can peak near the time of your menopause (usually around the age of 40 to 50 years).

Irregular menstruation with abdominal cramps as you are experiencing may also be related to other factors, for example:

Contraceptives, for example if you use spiral or injectable birth control to prevent pregnancy Lifestyle, including stress, diet, exercise, smoking Pregnancy or pregnancy disorders, such as ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus), miscarriage Ovarian cyst (fluid-filled sac in the ovary) which is formed due to disorders of egg maturation) Thyroid gland disorders, can be hypo- or hyperthyroidism Side effects of the drugs you are taking, such as anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-bleeding, etc. How severe are your stomach cramps right now? Does it make it difficult for you to carry out even light activities?

If so, you should immediately consult an obstetrician. Through an in-depth evaluation, including ultrasound, doctors can generally detect possible dangerous causes and determine the best treatment.

In the meantime, you should relieve your stomach cramps using a warm compress first. Avoid taking painkillers in the long term unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Exercise regularly, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, control emotions, and sleep regularly to maintain a balance of hormones in the body. Also keep your intimate area clean to avoid infection.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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