Irregular Periods And Brown Blood Clot?

Illustration of Irregular Periods And Brown Blood Clot?
Illustration: Irregular Periods And Brown Blood Clot?

Good morning, I am 24 years old … a little story first, at the end of February I left for Umrah and happened to be menstruating, so I was forced to take medicine to stop menstruation. Until now my period is not smooth and the discharge is not fresh red blood, but blood clots. blackish brown … that’s how? What medicine do I have to take it smoothly? Thank you

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Hello, thank you for consulting with us at There are times when a normal menstrual period can occur only in the form of spots / blood which is brown or blackish. The condition that you are experiencing right now is probably a hypomenore or menstruation that appears only in small volumes and in a short time. Hypomenorrhea can be caused by various conditions, such as because:

hormonal imbalances in the body side effects of contraception use psychic stress heavy physical activity excessive exercise increase or decrease in body weight that occurs briefly and drastically there is PCOS disease thyroid hormone disorders etc. Considering the previous history, is the use of drugs to stop menstruation temporarily during certain interests , usually used are drugs that contain hormones so that the body responds to these hormones to stop the process of ovulation which can end in the onset of menstruation. The hormonal drug in some individuals will have an effect on hormonal imbalance in the future, so that it can cause normal menstruation that should occur only in the form of brown spots.

You can wait a while until your hormones balance on their own, at least for the next two or three months, if at that time, your period is still the same as now that you are complaining about, then you should go to an obstetrician to consult and check yourself. As for the initial treatment so that your period can be completed immediately, then we recommend:

manage your stress well enough to meet your resting needs by not staying up late and getting enough sleep eating healthy and nutritious food and lots of vegetables and fruit consumption as well as daily water at least 2L per day do light exercise to provide relaxation to the body so that you can balance your hormones reduce activity physical weight for a while Thus we can convey, hopefully the information from us can help you. thanks.

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