Irritability Accompanied By Explosive Emotions?

Illustration of Irritability Accompanied By Explosive Emotions?
Illustration: Irritability Accompanied By Explosive Emotions?

Tonight my name is Artika. When I was 14 years old when I was angry or stayed away I was easily offended or crying, but I never told him about what I experienced. More precisely I harbored my feelings when I still felt able to hold it. this is the first time I feel a big impact, when I feel dizzy and have lots of thoughts, tired of working and also feel bored or hate someone I’m angry “alone but not that person but vent on things or whatever is in front of me, thoughts I suddenly became frantic. Then when I was able to destroy things and vent my frustration I cried without cause and coughed up like crazy.

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Good evening Artika, thank you for asking at We understand your feelings. The first thing you have to understand is that feeling angry and offended is very natural and human. When someone is faced with something that is not in accordance with his wishes, or faces a particular problem that can not be resolved, or experience something that is uncomfortable, it is natural if then the response is angry or offended. However, the way each person to respond to these conditions can vary.

The best way for them can be to forgive, think positively, make lessons, or even be laughed at as one of the ins and outs of life that is impossible to avoid. But for adolescents like you, or people with immature and mature personalities, often the way to react is not like this, it could be to vent it to goods, animals, or people who are considered weaker, can by lying, can by forgetting but not taking lessons which makes it better, can be imagined, crying or screaming, giving reasons that do not make sense, and much more.

What needs to be understood is that having an immature way of responding does not necessarily make a person have a mental disorder. How to respond to that, it could be solely because the person has not yet reached mental maturity, and even though maturity is not judged by age, it is very natural that if you are still 14 years old, you have not yet reached that maturity. Precisely because you feel disturbed by the response, maybe this is even a first step in the maturity of your thinking, because you realize that the behavior is not right.

We suggest that you tell your problem to the people closest to you, and help you find a solution. If this only happens once in a while, it's actually still reasonable and you don't need to worry too much. But if this has happened repeatedly, and has begun to disrupt your friend's life, disrupt your relationship with parents and others, there is no harm in consulting your problem with a psychologist to dig deeper about yourself and find out the source of the problem.

In the meantime, try to further channel your emotions. Do not be buried, but also do not flow by saying harsh words, slamming things and so on, protest politely, train yourself to be more confident by talking in front of a mirror, or exercise regularly. If you are angry, remind yourself not to be someone you don't like, and share your problems with those closest to you. So, hopefully answering your question.

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