Is A Hernia Surgery Dangerous?

Illustration of Is A Hernia Surgery Dangerous?
Illustration: Is A Hernia Surgery Dangerous?

whether hernia surgery is dangerous

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Hernia is a term for the sticking of an organ through a weakened gap that makes a bulge. There are so many types of hernias, each of which can have different treatments. Therefore, it needs to be clarified, what hernia do you mean? Is it inguinal hernia? What are the symptoms like?

One of the most common types of hernias is inguinal hernias. This condition occurs when the intestines stick out through a weakened abdominal wall gap. As a result, sufferers often experience lumps in the thigh area, can be right, left, or both. These lumps can be painful, and can also swell, especially when there is increased pressure in the abdominal cavity. At a more severe stage, a lump can be pinched in a gap in the abdominal wall, tissue death, to make sufferers experience dangerous complications.

The definitive treatment that can be done to treat inguinal hernias is surgery. Inguinal hernia surgery can be done in 2 ways, namely open surgery (laparotomy) or minimal surgery with the help of a small camera-tipped interval (laparoscopy), As with other medical measures, each clearly does not escape the risk of complications. Some complications that can occur after a hernia surgery are an infection of a scar from a surgery, the formation of a blood clot that can clog arteries, pain in a surgical scar that can last for a long time, nerve disorders around the scars, and recurrence of the hernia again. Therefore, before deciding to operate, the doctor needs to carefully consider which is greater, whether the benefits or risks of complications that may arise. If the benefits that can be generated are far greater, then the doctor will do the surgery, of course with your approval. With the competence and experience possessed, the risk of dangerous complications can often be prevented and handled properly.

Therefore, you should consult directly with a doctor or surgeon.

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