Is A History Of Hypertension Possible For Placental Retention?

I want to ask, is there a history of hypertension that can allow placental retention? If it is why how could it be related? Thank you

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Hello Desy, thank you for asking

What is meant by placental retention is retention of the placenta in the uterus during childbirth, or a placenta that is not born after 30 minutes the baby is born. These conditions include serious conditions that can cause infection and postpartum bleeding which results in death. Several factors can contribute to the following factors that can increase the incidence of placental retention, namely:

Pregnant when you are over 30 years old. Childbirth under 34 weeks of pregnancy Having a first or second stage of labor for too long Labor with a dead fetus in the womb. History of previous caesarean section Response to induction injections or additional drugs during labor. The placenta is embedded in the uterus due to the constriction that occurs in the cervix. Multiple pregnancies that require extensive placental implantation These factors increase the occurrence of placental retention. Therefore, pregnant women need to maintain health and also carry out control to the obstetrician and obstetricians in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.

Actually pregnancy hypertension is not a risk factor for the retention of this placenta. Hypertension during pregnancy is also a serious condition if left untreated can cause undesired complications. One complication of hypertension during pregnancy in the placenta is that it increases the risk of placental abruption. Placental abruption is premature detachment of the placenta which causes damage to the placenta and is a dangerous, life-threatening condition because it can impose severe bleeding.

When hypertension in pregnancy occurs then blood flow to the placenta will decrease, consequently not getting enough nutrition and oxygen in the baby and also the placenta itself. Blood flow to the palsenta is disrupted so that the attachment of the placenta in the uterus is also not good so that the placenta separates from the inner wall of the uterus before labor (abruptio placenta). Resulting in damaged placenta with severe complications. Both of these things can endanger your life and your child.

If you have hypertension during pregnancy, check with your obstetrician to get the right treatment and suitable for your health and your prospective baby, so that unwanted complications do not occur.

And when you suffer from hypertension, your doctor will provide a medication to lower blood pressure that is safe for consumption for you and your future baby. Follow the instructions for use and dosage recommended by the doctor. Do not stop taking or changing the dose without supervision from a doctor. In addition to drugs pregnant women also need to adopt a lifestyle such as:

Exercising during pregnancy Eating nutritious foods during pregnancy such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and low-fat milk. Avoid foods that contain high salt Avoid smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. Manage stress well Pregnant control as recommended by your doctor. A few answers from us, hopefully useful

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