Is A Prolonged Cold Cough A Symptom Of Corona?

Illustration of Is A Prolonged Cold Cough A Symptom Of Corona?
Illustration: Is A Prolonged Cold Cough A Symptom Of Corona?

Hello, good night dok. Sorry in advance I want to ask yesterday. March 8 I had a sore throat until 3 days later I had a fever accompanied by coughing u0026amp; colds, then after one week my fever has recovered but my cough and colds are still not cured, then about five days later my cold has recovered but my cough is still up to now and accompanied by phlegm and sometimes my head feels dizzy. According to the doctor whether my cough is dangerous ? While now also being prone to covid 19Thanks dok🙏

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Pandemic COVID-19 disease by the New Variant corona virus (SARS-COV 2) raises various concerns for the community. Symptoms that look similar to the symptoms of the common cold, in some groups of people can trigger respiratory problems that lead to respiratory failure and death. But for those who have good immunity, the virus will disappear on its own even with or without symptoms.

The symptoms that you feel refer to acute respiratory infections, which are generally caused by viruses. Most of the symptoms of acute respiratory infections are caused by viruses and the disease is self limiting disease or can heal by itself depending on the immune system. However, the type of virus cannot be known with certainty whether your symptoms are caused by influenza virus, rotavirus, COVID-19 virus or other virus variants.

All you can do is quarantine yourself at home until the symptoms of coughing subside. This is done as a preventive measure to prevent transmission of disease because we do not know what type of virus triggers the emergence of complaints that are felt.

If there is no history of close contact with patients who are confirmed positive, or are not in a close environment with a positive patient of COVID-19, it is recommended for independent isolation at home. Consuming cough suppressants, painkillers such as paracetamol to relieve headaches and consumption of nutritious foods and vitamin supplements are highly recommended.
 However, if you are in the immediate environment of a patient who is confirmed positive for COVID-19, or has a history of visiting a positive place for COVID-19, or is from the epicenter area of ​​the case, and complains of becoming burdens / shortness of breath, do independent isolation, keep distance from people Other considerations for conducting a doctor's examination as well as specimen examinations.

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