Is Albino A Disease?

Illustration of Is Albino A Disease?
Illustration: Is Albino A Disease?

hello, I want to ask about albino.

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Albino is one of the lay terms that is shown to describe the medical condition of albinism. Albinism is a disorder of melanin synthesis that is genetically inherited, so that it can be found that pigmentation tends to be white on the skin of Albinism sufferers. Albinism arises as a result of melanin production which is damaged.

Albinism has several types that can be found. The difference is caused by genetic mutations with different types of mutations in certain genes, thus affecting the process of melanin formation, which causes variations in the disruption and different degrees of disruption of melanin production. This can be monitored from the color of the skin, hair color, and iris color of the eye (can turn gray or pale blue).

Albinism disorder is a medical condition caused by genetic mutations. Abnormalities that are carried from birth can be called congenital abnormalities, although not all have an impact and interfere with daily life and functions for work. Things that affect a person's age and health are not limited to environmental temperature and age. However, some complications such as involvement of eye problems due to UV exposure can occur in people with albinism. It is known that UV exposure in Africa can occur more than in other regions. Until now, it has not been known exactly what causes genetic mutations and things that underlie albinism. It is known that certain gene mutations that affect the production of melanin pigments cause these albinism conditions.

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