Is Amlodipine Safe For The Fetus?

Illustration of Is Amlodipine Safe For The Fetus?
Illustration: Is Amlodipine Safe For The Fetus?

My first pregnancy had had hypertension, then the second I was often dizzy, and I already took Amlodipine 1, is it safe for my fetus

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Hello Ifha,

Thank you for the question.

There are many types of hypertension during pregnancy, can occur only during pregnancy and improve immediately after delivery (preeclampsia, eclampsia), but can also exist long before that can last a lifetime if not controlled (chronic hypertension). Patients with hypertension often do not experience typical clinical symptoms. Therefore, the diagnosis of this disease can also be made haphazardly, but must be confirmed directly with a blood pressure examination by trained medical personnel. Dizziness that you experience, in addition to hypertension, may also occur due to other reasons, for example lack of sleep, anemia, dyspepsia, viral or bacterial infections, vertigo, migraine, cerebral aneurysm, sinusitis, brain tumors, metabolic disorders, stress, and so on. Therefore, if it has not been checked by a doctor, we do not recommend that you carelessly take anti-hypertensive drugs, including amlodipine.

Amlodipine is an anti-hypertensive drug of calcium antagonists. Consumption of this drug in pregnant women falls into category C (it has been proven that there is a negative impact on the fetus in animal trials, but no controlled studies have been done on humans), so it is not appropriate to be done without a doctor's prescription and supervision.

It is better if you first check yourself with a doctor or obstetrician so that your condition can be evaluated and treated properly. In order to reduce dizziness, while you can get plenty of rest, go to bed early, don't over-look at gadgets, reduce the consumption of high-salt foods, drink enough, eat regularly a little but often, don't stay too long in a noisy and stuffy place, and don't also stress or excessive anxiety.

Hope this helps ...

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