Is Anal Pain Dangerous From Being Kicked?

Illustration of Is Anal Pain Dangerous From Being Kicked?
Illustration: Is Anal Pain Dangerous From Being Kicked?

last night my buttocks (rectum / anal hole) was kicked by my brother. the kick was so strong that it still aches now. Is this dangerous, doc? and how to eliminate the pain? thanks.

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Hello Hannah, thank you for asking at

A fairly strong kick in that area can certainly cause an injury / bruising to the muscle and fat that is around the anal canal and in certain positions can be about certain parts of the tip of the spine or pelvis.

Generally, if it is just a local injury / bruise on muscle and fat tissue, the pain will improve and disappear on its own within a few days after the injury occurs without special drugs or by taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol at the appropriate dosage.

However, if complaints are felt to be getting more and more severe, do not improve with the consumption of paracetamol drugs (at least 3 times the consumption according to the dose) or are accompanied by other complaints such as pain / tingling that spreads to the legs, leg weakness, urinary obstruction, or interference CHAPTER immediately check your complaints more go to a neurologist to get further evaluation and therapy.

Henceforth avoid similar injuries to the area and give your sister an understanding that her actions are not good and can endanger others.

I hope this helps.

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