Is Appendicitis Can Disrupt Menstruation?

Illustration of Is Appendicitis Can Disrupt Menstruation?
Illustration: Is Appendicitis Can Disrupt Menstruation?

At night, I want to ask before my appendix operation is smooth and my periods are coming up even in a month bs 2x menstruation. Well, my last period was June, on the 10th. July 5, I was in the hospital and was operating appendix on the 7th, and on the 10th, I was home on the 13th, I started working on the 14th, I woke up, I suddenly got out, I got a lot of green wrn moss green and the smell then I still entered the hospital again and I operated on the 2nd July 18th and I was treated for 1 month more. But why from my first operation until now in January 2019, I can’t get my period too, right? Is that dangerous? Thanks.

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Appendicitis (appendicitis) if you do not get the right treatment at risk of experiencing rupture (rupture) and cause dangerous complications, even to the point of life threatening. To prevent this complication, most doctors will advise patients with appendicitis to undergo surgery (appendectomy). On appendectomy, healing of the external wound will generally last less than 1 to 2 weeks. However, if an infection occurs, the scar can heal longer, continue to runny, and remove the abnormal secretions as you experience, so that further treatment needs to be done.

In fact, there is no direct link between appendicitis or appendectomy and the menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycles are more influenced by reproductive hormones in the body that are produced fluctuatively. The production of these hormones is greatly influenced by the activities carried out, mental condition, lifestyle, consumption of drugs, contraception used, and many other factors. Indirectly, it could be, the stress that you experience due to experiencing appendectomy and undergoing repeated operations cause disruption in the balance of hormones that regulate menstruation. As a result, your periods can be irregular because of it.

Aside from the effects of the illnesses and operations you have had before, it could also be that your menstrual period did not occur due to other causes, such as pregnancy, the effect of contraception or medications consumed, fatigue, ovarian cysts, thyroid gland abnormalities, obesity or obesity, etc.

Considering your menstruation has not come until more than 3 months, you should check yourself to a doctor or obstetrician. That way, you can certainly get the best treatment according to the conditions that underlie your complaints. Not only that, at home, you should also make the following efforts to make your periods more regular:

Get post-operative care as advised by a doctor
Maintain your ideal body weight
More rest
Do not carelessly take medication, except as prescribed by a doctor
Live a healthy diet, multiply antioxidants
Exercise regularly

However, if

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