Is At 17 Years Old, Teeth That Have Never Dislodged Can Grow Back?

Illustration of Is At 17 Years Old, Teeth That Have Never Dislodged Can Grow Back?
Illustration: Is At 17 Years Old, Teeth That Have Never Dislodged Can Grow Back?

Afternoon, I am 16 years old and will soon be 17 years old. My lower molars cavity and cause pain until my eyes and ears also ache. I try to shake my teeth so they come off (never before dislodged), I want to ask the doctor, if I am 17 years old, what do my teeth still grow when dislodged? And is it okay if I try to take it off by force?

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In general, all milk teeth (teeth that have grown from infants) will come off and replace with permanent teeth at the age of 12-13 years. At the age of 17-21 years, will grow 1 retarded molars (or molar 3 or also called the wisdom teeth). You should first ascertain whether your molars are indeed baby teeth or permanent teeth, because if they are permanent teeth, if you pull those teeth, the teeth will not grow back.

It is better if you do a dental check-up first to make sure. The dentist can ask you to do a panoramic dental x-ray examination to determine the number and type of your teeth (including the possibility of teeth that have not yet grown under the gums). Also not all cavities must be managed by pulling teeth. Dentists will usually recommend to make fillings on teeth if the teeth are still strong enough to hold the fillings. Tooth extraction should also not be done alone. If it turns out that your teeth are permanent teeth that already have strong roots and are deeply embedded, then bleeding can occur and the potential for infection is also greater (especially considering that your teeth are also currently deep enough cavities).

For now, you can compress your cheeks with ice packs to help relieve pain. You can also take pain medications such as paracetamol. You can also gargle with salt water to help reduce inflammation and pain in your teeth. These things can only help reduce pain, but if your cavities are left untreated, toothache will recur. Therefore the examination to the dentist should not be delayed.

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