Is Autism Hereditary?

Illustration of Is Autism Hereditary?
Illustration: Is Autism Hereditary?

, my younger sister is autism. Previously due to my mother taking birth control pills, it turned out that they conceded pregnancy. I’m getting married, do I have a tendency for carriers or will I have autistic children too? Please enlighten me

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Hello Siti, thank you for the question.

Autism, or better known as the autistic spectrum, is a collection of conditions that are described with symptoms such as impaired socialization abilities, impaired language skills, sometimes accompanied by mental retardation, and accompanied by repetitive physical activity. The autistic spectrum can be detected when a child is before 2 years of age, or more easily detected if the child has entered the age of 2-4 years. At the age of the toddler a child will start practicing social skills with family and friends, so that the autistic spectrum is more easily observed. People with autism often have the following characters:

difficult to understand and difficult to express body gestures, facial expressions, eye contact. So it is often difficult to understand the intentions of others and difficult to convey what he feels. more comfortable interacting with objects. have a system that is structured and rigid, both regarding the type of activity that is liked, the arrangement of time, and generally refuses to move outside the system he likes. make repetitive movements (eg swaying back and forth, or clapping). some people will have difficulty speaking, but some have no problem in speaking. some people will have mild to moderate mental retardation, but some will have normal intelligence even above average. Some studies have indeed found mutations in a number of genes in people with autism. These genes generally regulate the growth, development, and distribution of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. Mutations in one of these genes can cause brain nerve cell abnormalities that can cause autism spectrum. However, not all of the many gene mutations can be proven to have a direct relationship with the occurrence of the autistic spectrum. Further research is still needed. Some researchers also mentioned that factors outside gene mutations play an important role in the occurrence of the autistic spectrum. For example; maternal age during pregnancy, illness or abnormalities during pregnancy, childbirth problems, and so on. It also still requires a lot of research. Clear evidence has not yet been obtained regarding the pattern of inheritance of genes suspected of causing autism. That is, although in one family there are people with autism spectrum, the pattern of gene inheritance in that family is unclear, whether the suspected genes that cause autism will be passed on to other family members.

So, it is not clear whether you will function as a carrier gene that is mutated and suspected of causing autism, or not. The best thing is, consult your obstetrician when you are about to start a pregnancy program. The doctor will give advice for undergoing a healthy pregnancy. It is hoped that your risk of reducing the autism gene to your child can be minimized.

Thus the information from me, hopefully can add to your insight. Regards.

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