Is Blood Transfusion Safe For People With Kidney Disease?

Illustration of Is Blood Transfusion Safe For People With Kidney Disease?
Illustration: Is Blood Transfusion Safe For People With Kidney Disease? Bing

My mom is suffering from kidney disease.. Dr suggested blood transfusion because her Hb is very low.. to my knowledge there are many effects of blood transfusion, one of which is kidney failure. Is there any other way to increase Hb other than blood transfusion? I thank you in advance.

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Hello ELKA, thanks for the question for

To be able to answer your question, you need to know a few things first:

What kidney disease does your mother have?
How much is your mother's Hb?
Have you known the cause of anemia in your mother?

Kidney pain there are various types and causes. Anemia itself also has various causes and the treatment for each cause of anemia can be different. Chronic kidney failure can also cause anemia.

Doctors will usually recommend blood transfusions in several conditions, for example:

Anemia with Hb less than 7 with or without symptoms
Anemia with Hb more than 7 with symptoms of anemia
There is active bleeding
There is a risk of bleeding (eg low platelets)

In addition to the indications above, blood transfusions can also be recommended based on the clinical considerations of each doctor.

It is true that blood transfusions have many side effects, although your doctor will certainly consider whether the possibility of side effects outweighs the risks if a blood transfusion is not performed. Red blood cells have an essential function for the human body because without enough red blood cells, blood cannot carry oxygen properly throughout the body. Lack of oxygen can cause tissue death and when tissue death occurs in important organs such as the brain and heart, the risk of death increases.

If there is no indication for immediate blood transfusion, then the anemia condition can be treated by treating the cause of the anemia itself, for example in conditions of iron deficiency anemia, iron supplements can be given, in macrocytic anemia due to folate or B12 deficiency, folate and B12 supplementation can be given. , in conditions of chronic kidney failure, can be given erythropoietin (Epo).

You should discuss again with the doctor who treats your mother to find out more about your mother's condition and the consideration of your mother's doctor asking for a transfusion. You also have the right to ask if there are alternative therapies other than transfusion if you and your mother don't want it for some reason.

That's all the information from me, hopefully it's enough to answer

dr. Irna Cecilia

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