Is Breast Pain During Breastfeeding A Symptom Of Cancer?

Illustration of Is Breast Pain During Breastfeeding A Symptom Of Cancer?
Illustration: Is Breast Pain During Breastfeeding A Symptom Of Cancer?

In the morning, I’m a mother, I’m 35 now, and I’m breastfeeding a 1 year old baby. But almost 1 month later, my left breast suddenly aches and aches … and there is a hardening of the base of the breast until the nipple … and then the body is hot and cold … I think it’s the effect of frozen milk … and disappears after 2 days ,,, but now 2 weeks from the event it hurts again … then every breast I want it hurts … I feel physically weak and often sleepy and my head is dizzy too … does this include the symptoms of cancer or how much … , please explain, because I have not yet been checked by a doctor. Thank you before

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Hello Rina Anggraina,

Breast disorders that often arise in nursing mothers is mastitis. Mastitis is inflammation of the breast that can be caused due to blockage of the milk and infection. Mastitis can also occur in women who are not breastfeeding. Symptoms that arise in mastitis include:

Pain in the breast Redness of the breast skin, pain when palpated Swelling of the breast Lumps or palpable hard parts of the breast Unwell body aches Fever The risk of mastitis increases if you have experienced a previous mastitis event, there are cracked nipples, using a bra that is too tight, stress , errors in how to breastfeed a child, etc. If mastitis is left untreated, it can cause a buildup of pus (abscess) which in some cases must be removed by a drainage incision procedure (making a wound on the breast using a scalpel and removing pus in the breast tissue).

Breast cancer generally gives symptoms of enlarged lumps arising, irregular shape, the boundaries are not firm, can be accompanied by discharge of fluid mixed with blood from the nipple, the nipple is drawn inward, changes in breast skin become like orange skin texture, there is a concave part of the breast skin, and so. There are several types of breast cancer that have symptoms such as mastitis (skin redness and pain). To distinguish this apart from carrying out a physical examination, usually the doctor will conduct supporting examinations such as mammograms, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI if necessary.

To avoid mastitis, make it a habit to breastfeed thoroughly in one breast before moving to the next breast. Make sure the child's mouth is properly attached to the breast when breastfeeding. Avoid smoking. Get used to check your own breasts (realize) every month at the same time, to detect changes that occur in your breasts.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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