Is Bulimia Possible In Older People?

Illustration of Is Bulimia Possible In Older People?
Illustration: Is Bulimia Possible In Older People?

Good afternoon doctor, I want to ask if bulimia might occur in men aged 50 years and over? Because I often see my father throwing out his food intentionally. Mhn help the doctor. I do not understand what lies behind the behavior of my father and whether it is necessary to bring my father to a psychologist? My father is a person who has excessive fear and I am not normal. My father really loved me and my siblings.

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Deliberately spitting food after eating is a characteristic of a food disorder called bulimia nervosa. bulimia nervosa is characterized by a large number of food cycles followed by compensatory measures, one of which is induction of vomiting. where bulimia can be experienced by anyone. There are several factors that cause bulimia:

 heredity emotional and psychological factors where the risk of developing bulimia is higher if a person experiences emotional and psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive compulsivedisorder (OCD) Social environmental factors: Bulimia can arise due to the influence of pressure and criticism from people around regarding eating habits, body shape, or weight. Job factors: Some types of work require workers to maintain ideal body weight, for example a model or athlete. This claim can cause the worker to experience depression or bulimia. there are several various health problems if you do vomiting on purpose including irritation and sore throat, tooth decay due to corrosive stomach acid, esophageal irritation, esophageal tear, gastric irritation and weakness in the gastroesophageal sphincter (GERD).

You should immediately consult your father to a psychiatrist if bulimic signs appear. Bulimic symptoms are often seen by others, because sufferers tend to be unaware that they are experiencing symptoms of bulimia. so that the doctor can carry out checks directly to your father and the doctor can provide appropriate treatment.

there are several steps to prevent bulimia

 Increase self-confidence by giving each other motivation to always live healthy every day. Avoid talking that is related to the physical or that affects the psychological sufferer. Invite family members to always eat with family. Give food what your father likes but healthy food. Thus the info I can give

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