Is Collagen Good For Skin And Health?

Illustration of Is Collagen Good For Skin And Health?
Illustration: Is Collagen Good For Skin And Health?

Hello doctor, good afternoon. Doctors lately a lot of people who want instant white, such as eating white medicine and others as it. well, I want to ask whether by drinking frozen collagen which is also booming now, is it really possible? And what are the side effects? Thank you doctor

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Basically, collagen is good for the body. Collagen is a natural ingredient in the body and plays a major role in making the skin look youthful, supple and wrinkle free. It's just that, as time goes by and a person's age increases, collagen production can decrease. To keep levels high, you can get additional collagen from food, supplements or injections.

But you need to understand, collagen supplements like those on the market are not some kind of magic supplements that can have a similar effect and certainly work for everyone. You must also understand that there are various other factors that can reduce collagen production, such as frequent exposure to sunlight, smoking, lack of sleep, stress, eating foods high in sugar, lacking fluids and not treating your face by regularly washing your face twice a day. So even if you take these supplements, but ignoring other factors, you may still not get the skin you want.

As for the side effects so far not found or at least once, because as we said before this is a content that is naturally present in the body. Our advice, it doesn't matter if you want to use the product, but make sure the goods are authentic, BPOM certified, sold by highly credible sellers, and support a healthy lifestyle. So, hopefully answering your question.

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