Is Colli Gland Tumor Dangerous?

Illustration of Is Colli Gland Tumor Dangerous?
Illustration: Is Colli Gland Tumor Dangerous?

Hello doctor, my sister has a colli gland tumor on the left shoulder near the neck. Is colli gland tumor dangerous? My brother experienced it for 6 years but his lumps were getting bigger and he didn’t feel any pain. Are there any side effects after surgery?

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Tumor Colli or commonly called a tumor around the neck due to enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck.

Tumor formation is the result of cell growth that is higher than normal. Tumors are divided into 2 types, some are malignant and some are benign. Malignant tumors are usually fast growing, in less than 3 months usually the lump will get bigger quickly, pain, irregular shape, border or edge of the tumor is not clear, the temperature when touched hot, red, swollen. As for benign tumors, usually slow in growth, the lump does not enlarge in a fast time, no pain, no redness, the boundaries are firm and clear, irregular in shape.

However, to determine a tumor is malignant or benign, can not be seen only based on complaints and from the appearance only, but must do an examination of the tumor constituent tissue or commonly called a biopsy. To be able to do this examination, patients must consult a surgeon in advance, so they will get the right treatment later.

Between benign tumors and malignant tumors, dangerous ones are malignant tumors. This is because malignant tumors can grow very fast and have a bad impact on the body. In addition, malignant tumors will be very easy to spread in other body parts such as the brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, bones and others.

Side effects after surgery will be different in each person, there are those that give unwanted side effects, some are not causing side effects. Usually the side effects that arise after surgery are pain in the part of the operation, may be infected also because there is an opening in the body's skin tissue and the bus into the entry of bacteria, and the former can be a residual operation that may be in some people will cause a real scar.

Some things to do at home:

-consume foods that are not cancer-causing (carcinogenic)

- increase physical activity by exercising 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes

- Maintain the immune system to avoid various sources of disease

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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