Is Colon Cancer A Hereditary Disease?

Illustration of Is Colon Cancer A Hereditary Disease?
Illustration: Is Colon Cancer A Hereditary Disease?

I’m Melinda 21. I have had hemorrhoids for 1 month now. Alhamdulillah, these hemorrhoid lumps have slowly diminished even though they have not completely disappeared. Previously, my hemorrhoids had a large lump. Here I am a little confused, about hemorrhoids and colon cancer. My grandfather had colon cancer, and I had hemorrhoids. After I find out it turns out that the symptoms of the two diseases are almost the same. I found out that I had hemorrhoids after I went to the doctor. Here I want to ask, he said, intestinal cancer can decrease. Because my grandfather has colon cancer, what percentage of I have a chance of getting it? And is it possible that at my age I might have the disease even though most colon cancers attack the elderly? Thank you..

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Hello Melinda, thank you for the question on

In general, it is true that the symptoms caused by hemorrhoid disease (hemorrhoids) can mimic the symptoms of colon cancer, such as the presence of blood during bowel movements, lumps in the anal area, abnormal bowel patterns, and several other symptoms. However, to determine the diagnosis of these two conditions, not only based on the symptoms you are feeling, but requires further examination to confirm the diagnosis of each of these diseases such as examination of intestinal binoculars (colonoscopy), examination of cancer markers, biopsy, and others depend on your doctor's consideration.

For the case of colon cancer itself, there are many factors that can cause it, where these factors can be divided into 2 factors, namely factors that can be changed and factors that cannot be changed.

Factors that can be changed include:

Excessive weight or obesity Less activity High red meat diet (such as beef, pork, mutton) and also a diet high in processed foods (such as packaged sausages, etc.) Smoking Alcohol consumption, especially excessive While factors that cannot be changed include:

Increasing age. Actually, all ages still have a risk of developing this disease, as well as your age, but with increasing age, this risk is greater and also based on research, the incidence of this cancer is increasing at age above 50 years History of ever exposed to intestinal polyps, colon cancer, or history of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (history of intestinal inflammation) Nuclear family history of colon polyps or colon cancer, where this risk does exist but is very rare because the majority of patients with intestinal cancer are not found a family history, only about 1 in 3 cases who was found to have this history. The existence of this history only helps you to do screening earlier when your age has started to reach 45 years or more Certain races Have diabetes certain inherited diseases Because indeed in your nuclear family there is a history of cancer, you should start making lifestyle changes by avoiding all the factors that can be changed as noted above, such as increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight at the ideal weight, avoiding smoking and also conducting early examinations when you reach 45 years or more.

I hope this helps.

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