Is Conducting An HIV Test Using An Onestep Tool Accurate?

I used my own test kit and I bought several pieces, I did a test using one device and the results were negative. I checked using the tool post 1 year after risky activities. My question1. Are the results accurate even though I did the test more than 1 year after exposure? 2. Is the device accurate? I use 2 pieces and 2 negative

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One step is one of the brands of rapid HIV test kits (HIV rapid test) which is included in the 3rd generation test kits. This 3rd generation test kit only detects antibodies to HIV 1 and HIV 2, cannot detect antigens. Nonetheless, the accuracy of the 3rd generation HIV rapid assessment tool is high (reaching 99%) when done the right way at the right time.

Generation 3 HIV testing will usually only have very high accuracy if done 3 months or more after exposure. If you do the examination 1 year after risky behavior, the results you get are very accurate and you do not have HIV.

Here is an article about HIV testing that you can read

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