Is Corticosteroid Cream For Dry Eczema In The Folds Safe?

Illustration of Is Corticosteroid Cream For Dry Eczema In The Folds Safe?
Illustration: Is Corticosteroid Cream For Dry Eczema In The Folds Safe?

I have been exposed to dry eczema since I came home from the groin area, breasts and armpits. Do water and weather factors affect me? If I use dermovate cream in the groin and breast area, is it safe to use and does it have side effects on the uterus or something else?

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The existence of lesions or abnormalities in the skin which occur in the area of ​​the folds of the body such as the folds of the thighs, folds of the armpits or breast folds can be caused due to several causes, such as:

 fungal infections: tinea, candida bacterial infections viral infections: herpes simplex Which is usually influenced by several factors that interfere with body moisture, such as:

 immune factors weather factors body hygiene factors certain disease factors such as diabetes, HIV or thyroid factors certain drug use To determine the appropriate treatment, surely the underlying cause must be known. And to find out the underlying cause of course you need to have a complete examination of your body, because without a complete examination, it is impossible for us to provide solutions and appropriate management. Because we cannot examine you directly, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or dermatologist to have an appropriate examination and treatment.

Regarding the Dermovate cream that you are delivering, basically it contains a type of drug called clobetasol which is included in a very strong topical corticosteroid. The use of these creams is generally used in skin disorders associated with the presence of immune / autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis. So we recommend that you do not use skin creams or ointments that do not match the cause of the skin disorder that you are experiencing now.

Our advice besides checking the doctor immediately, you should take several steps such as:

 use clothing materials that absorb sweat such as cotton consumption consume lots of water to keep your skin moist. do a clean bath using antiseptic soap clean your body after bathing using a clean towel and make sure it is dry completely before using clothes if you feel your clothes or your clothes (clothes in) it is too wet, so you should change your clothes or change in your clothes. Do not exchange clothes or towels with other people. So that we can convey, hopefully the information from us is useful.

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