Is Covid-19 Can Attack Babies

Illustration of Is Covid-19 Can Attack Babies
Illustration: Is Covid-19 Can Attack Babies

Hello, I am a father who has a child who is still 3 months old. Right now my child is hot at 38.7 u0026deg; accompanied by coughing up phlegm and runny nose. However, there is another thing that makes me worry, which is breathing a little like tightness and sounds like a whiny person when he woke up or woke up, but if he fell asleep his breath sounded like normal .. With news in all media about covid virus -19 whose symptoms are similar to the flu I am very worried about it. What are the symptoms like that? And whether covid-19 can occur to infants aged 3 months? Please answer.

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Hello Samuel,

Thank you for the question.

Complaints about coughing colds is something that is often experienced by babies and makes parents worried, especially with the news about the covid-19 virus that is getting more intense lately. We understand your concern, but we advise parents not to panic. Complaints about colds and coughs are quite common in babies and are usually caused by a viral infection that can heal itself in about 1 week. The cough cold which is also accompanied by shortness of breath can be caused by cold conditions, influenza, bronchiolitis, or pneumonia. This can be influenced by weather factors, allergies, irritants, and the baby's immune system which has not developed properly.

Associated with covid-19, this virus can infect babies as young as 3 months old. However, based on your data, this virus tends to be harmless in young children and occurs like a cold cough or pneumonia, where the virus is even more dangerous in older people who already have previous medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, stroke , etc. In addition, to diagnose covid-19, even though the symptoms are the same as normal flu in general, a history of exposure or riwayattraveling needs to be considered to suspect this infection. So, if your baby has no history of exposure to sufferers or a history of being infected with this virus, you don't need to worry.

To help expedite the healing process of the baby, you can continue the medication given by the doctor including fever-lowering drugs. You can raise the baby's cushions while sleeping so that they are not tight, steam the baby with warm water vapor or can be added with menthol, and keep the baby's nutrition to be fulfilled. You can go back to the doctor if within 1 week there is no improvement, the baby looks very short of breath and there is a chest pull, the baby will not suckle, and seems inactive.

Hopefully this information can help and hope your baby gets better soon.


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