Is Cupping Safe And What Are The Benefits?

Illustration of Is Cupping Safe And What Are The Benefits?
Illustration: Is Cupping Safe And What Are The Benefits?

Hi. I want to ask you about cupping because I want to try. Do you think cupping is safe? Then, is there any benefit? And, is the blood that comes out really dirty blood? Many cupping officers are not health workers, so I hesitate to do it. Waiting for the answer, thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Cupping is a traditional medical therapy originating from the Middle East, Egypt and China, and is believed to be able to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body. Other benefits claimed to be able to be given by cupping procedures are to make the body and mind become more relaxed, reduce high blood pressure, treat acne and eczema, fertility problems and uterine disorders, muscle aches and so forth.

This method is done in two ways. Some do it by heating a device such as a cup using fire, alcohol, a new herbal concoction attached to the skin, and some are using a rubber pump. In the method also, there are divided into dry cupping and wet cupping, where in wet cupping, a small incision is made to bleed and the scar will be smeared later with an ointment and covered with a bandage.

Regarding your question, so far there has not been enough research to find out whether cupping truly benefits as claimed, and whether this procedure is safe for everyone. Likewise about its ability to collect toxins in the blood and suck it out. What is clear, the blood in the body normally is not like that always in the films where the color is fresh red. Blood collected in colored transfusion bags tends to be darker and is normal.

So we suggest, again it is your right to use this method. If you want to do this, make sure the procedure is carried out by trained professionals who already have good credibility. And whatever complaints you feel, juxtapose this cupping procedure with the treatment done by a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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