Is Dysentery A Dangerous Disease?

Illustration of Is Dysentery A Dangerous Disease?
Illustration: Is Dysentery A Dangerous Disease?

Hello. I want it, I have been diarrhea for a week. and just went to the doctor. then the doctor said I had dysentery then he said that my intestines started to hurt. but my stool doesn’t bleed. I want to ask whether my disease is severe or not? jjr I am very worried about this.

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Hello Egen, thank you for your question

Dysentery is the medical term for diarrhea that is accompanied by mucus and / or blood. Diarrhea itself is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements (> 3 times) accompanied by a change in the consistency of the stool to become soft or runny.

The diagnosis of dysentery is made by doctors based on the exposure of the patient's history. This means that even without supporting examination, it can actually be enforced if the patient states that his bowel movements are accompanied by mucus and / or blood. Confirmation can be made by examining a stool sample in the laboratory.

Most dysentery is caused by bacillary bacteria. In addition, one-celled parasites, namely amoeba, can also cause this disease. Therefore, the treatment of dysentery is with antimicrobials.

If not treated properly, dysentery has the potential to be life threatening due to the complications it causes, namely lack of fluids (dehydration) or a buildup of pus (abscess) in the liver. For that, follow the doctor's recommendations, including:

consume antimicrobials according to the dosage and frequency prescribed by the doctor to drink ORS to replace the fluids that come out along with dysentery, consume enough water, at least 2- 3 liters per liver, consume healthy and clean food, avoid too spicy, acidic, or oily foods that are difficult to digest by the intestines During inflammation due to dysentery, always get used to washing your hands before eating and after every time you go to the bathroom. Hopefully this information is useful

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