Is Everyone Said To Be Color Blind If They Can’t Read Ishihara’s Book?

Illustration of Is Everyone Said To Be Color Blind If They Can’t Read Ishihara’s Book?
Illustration: Is Everyone Said To Be Color Blind If They Can’t Read Ishihara’s Book?

I once had an eye test using the Ishihara book. Is everyone said to be color blind if they cannot read isihara books? I can see colors but can’t read Isihara books.

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Hello Ega, thank you for asking.

Color blindness is a condition where cells that function as color recognition in a person's retina experience loss of function or damage. Color blindness can occur due to genetic and non-genetic factors. In color blindness caused by genetic factors, color blindness is caused by the presence of a certain gene on the X chromosome. That is why men are more often experiencing color blindness. Men only have 1 X chromosome, if the X chromosome contains a color blind gene, then he will definitely experience color blindness. In women because they have 2 X chromosomes, they must both contain color-blinded genes before they experience color blindness. In color blindness that is not caused by genetic factors, it can be caused by:

diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis.
eye injury.
the effect of certain drugs that damage retinal cells.
exposure to certain chemicals.

Not everyone experiences total color blindness. Color blindness is divided into total and partial. Most color blindness is partial color blindness, while total color blindness is rare. In total color blindness a person does not have a color recognition function on the retina, so he can only recognize dark or light colors. In partial color blindness, divided into red green and yellow blue. A person often does not realize he has partial color blindness. A person with partial color blindness will have difficulty distinguishing red-green or blue-yellow if the colors are in gradations and blended as in the Ishihara test. You might still be able to recognize colors, even though your color perception might be different from the color perception seen in people who are not color blind. That is why you have difficulty recognizing the numbers on the color blind test.

Various blind blind tests can be performed, including the Ishihara test, Cambridge test, color preparation test. The degree of partial color blindness varies from person to person. As long as you don't work in a field that requires you to have perfect color recognition capabilities, then you shouldn't experience any problems. You can do a repeat color blind test on an eye specialist if you feel unsure. Please remember that this condition cannot be cured but can be overcome. Hopefully this answer can help. Regards.

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