Is Follicular Hyperplasia Dangerous?

Illustration of Is Follicular Hyperplasia Dangerous?
Illustration: Is Follicular Hyperplasia Dangerous?

Want to ask, is follicular hyperplasia lymphoid dangerous? Thank you

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A lymphoid is a lymph gland that is located and spread widely in the human body. In general, lymph nodes, including lymph nodes, is one of the human body's defense systems against infection or inflammation that occurs in the body depending on which lymph nodes are experiencing complaints or disorders. Under certain conditions, when a patient has an infection, such as a lung infection or inflammation of the throat, regional lymph glands will help the body to boost the body's immune system and under certain conditions such as prolonged illness, lack of healthy food intake, do not get appropriate treatment, lymph node follicles of the body will work harder to help control the process of infection or inflammation that occurs, so that in this case, the lymph nodes in the neck region, or the area around the lungs will experience enlargement, so it is also called lymphofollicular hyperplasia. This term is also the same as the term lymphadenopathy, or regional lymph node enlargement. Lymph nodes that spread to the human body can be in the neck, armpits, groin, lung, or digestion, or other places.

In cases of follicular hyperplasia, in general this condition is a benign or benign condition that does not cause a dangerous risk, but this provides a clinical picture that you are suffering from an infection or certain inflammation in certain body systems, causing swollen lymph node follicular. Therefore, to ensure this condition, it is necessary to conduct a direct examination by a doctor.

Some of the conditions below can trigger lymphofollicular hyperplasia, such as:

1. primary infection of the lymph nodes, such as TB infection

2. immune system disorders, such as in HIV patients

3. drug use

4. immune system diseases, as in lupus patients

5. or because of cancer

direct examination by a family doctor or surgeon or doctor who is competent with complaints and clinical conditions that you meet is an important step to help determine the cause of hyperplasia or swelling of this gland. With physical examination and supporting examination (blood examination, biopsy, rontgent) conducted by a doctor, is expected to help find out the cause of this complaint. Thus, if the cause of this complaint is due to an infection, then an infection treatment can be given to help your recovery.

For now, you can work on a number of things, such as adequate rest, following doctor's recommendations, avoiding staying up late, and giving warm compresses to this lump.

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