Is Hepatitis B The Same As Chronic Hepatitis?

Illustration of Is Hepatitis B The Same As Chronic Hepatitis?
Illustration: Is Hepatitis B The Same As Chronic Hepatitis?

2 years ago I was positive. Is hepatitis B the same as chronic hepatitis? And now after 2 years I am pregnant is it safe for my future baby? And what should I do to prevent transmission to the prospective baby? How to find out if I am correct “clean from the virus? Thank you.

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Hello Phamiirathy, thank you for asking

Hepatitis B is a serious infection of the liver caused by the HBV virus (hepatitis b virus). Hepatitis B itself can cause acute and crony conditions. Chronic hepatitis B occurs when the virus is in the body for> 6 months, and if hepatitis B is not treated it will develop into chronic and cause more severe and often incurable liver damage. But in acute hepatitis B, the body's immune system can usually fight off the infection so that it can recover in a few months.

A person with hepatitis B infection does not often cause symptoms at the beginning, but as the infection develops, it can cause symptoms. The following are common symptoms that can occur in someone with hepatitit B infection:

Throw up
Upper stomach pain
Limp, lethargic, easily tired

Hepatitis B can be transmitted through human body fluids, for example by sexual contact, the use of syringes with hepatitis B sufferers, and pregnant women can also transmit hepatitis B infection to their babies during childbirth.

You may still have a pregnancy like normal pregnancy. And you also can still undergo normal activities as usual. However, you should consult a specialist internal medicine regarding your hepatitis B infection, whether the infection is acute or chronic. And the doctor will also determine the next treatment steps for you. Usually in acute infections the treatment is only to reduce complaints. Unlike the treatment of chronic infections that require therapy to reduce the spread of viral infections. To find out if you are still infected with hepatitis B serological antigens and antibodies for hepatitis B, for example anti-HBc IgM, anti-HBc IgG, anti-HBs, HBeAg.

In addition, you also need to check the condition of your pregnancy according to the advice of your obstetrician. In addition prevention can be done on your baby, when you give birth to your baby. Your baby must receive the hepatitis B vaccine at birth 12 hours after delivery.

In addition to checking or controlling your doctor, you also need to take a healthy lifestyle, the following steps can be taken to support your health:

Avoid smoking, and stop drinking alcohol.
Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And high protein intake such as lean meat.
Avoid eating preserved foods and fast food
Consumption of mineral water in sufficient quantities
Routine exercise according to ability
Enough rest, enough sleep can strengthen your immune system to fight the virus

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