Is Hepatitis C Dangerous?

Illustration of Is Hepatitis C Dangerous?
Illustration: Is Hepatitis C Dangerous?

Is hepatitis C very dangerous?

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Good night. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease in the liver or liver caused by a virus where the transmission that occurs is through the blood so it needs to be considered in case of contact with an injured person with hepatitis C, use of a syringe, or sexual relations.

Sometimes the initial phase will not be symptomatic but if there has been damage to the liver tissue is usually symptomatic with the appearance of the eyes or the body becomes yellow, nausea and vomiting.
In some cases the resolution will improve and some cases will be damage to the liver. So it should be examined by a physician physically, laboratory to fibroscan that is to see the degree of liver damage that occurs.
It is best to prevent viz
1. Avoid unsafe sexual relations
2. Avoid using shared syringes
3. Be careful when in contact with hepatitis positive people can use gloves
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