Is Hyperthyroidism Can Be A Thyroid Cancer?

Illustration of Is Hyperthyroidism Can Be A Thyroid Cancer?
Illustration: Is Hyperthyroidism Can Be A Thyroid Cancer?

Can hyperthyroidism become thyroid cancer?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Hyperthyroid conditions can be related to cancer or not, will depend on the cause. The explanation is thus.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the level of thyroid hormone in the body is excessive, thus disrupting the body's metabolism. Among the symptoms of this condition are palpitations, tremors or accidental vibrations in certain parts of the body, anxiety, irritability, weight loss without apparent cause, diarrhea, impaired concentration, hair loss and blurred vision. In women, hyperthyroidism can also cause menstrual disorders.

When someone has hyperthyroidism, there must be certain causes that trigger the condition. The trigger could be due to Graves' disease, immune system abnormalities, inflammation of the thyroid gland, consumption of drugs with high iodine content, the impact of certain inspection procedures, to tumors and cancer. So regarding your question, hyperthyroidism can occur due to thyroid cancer, but not always people who have hyperthyroidism will have thyroid cancer. If the condition is due to hyperthyroidism caused by an immune system disorder, generally this will not become cancerous.

Our advice, if you or someone you know has hyperthyroidism, ask the doctor who treated him, what is the cause of the condition. If it were not for cancer or tumor, then it could be assumed that he would not have cancer because of his condition. What is clear, whatever the cause, a direct examination by a specialist in internal medicine or an endocrine doctor is important, and the patient must regularly take medication and be diligent in control. So, hopefully answering your question.

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