Is It A Concussion?

Illustration of Is It A Concussion?
Illustration: Is It A Concussion?

Good night I want to ask, so my friend had a traffic accident which resulted in him falling and hitting his head on the asphalt, and after being taken to the hospital and doing a CTScan the results were good. But the next day something strange happened by my friend, he was often dazed and he talked like a child and did not respond in general (for example if we were joking he usually laughed but he was silent), but he still remembers what happened before the accident and the jobs he did usually he remembers

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In the case of a change in mental status after an accident, it is best to do another CT scan on your friend. Bleeding in the brain after an accident can occur very slowly but progressively (the longer the bleeding is bigger), so that on the initial CT scan, no abnormalities can be seen on repeated CT scans. Sufferers can experience a condition called Lucid Interval, which is a condition where there is improvement in symptoms after a head injury, then worsening after a few hours. This condition is especially common when the bleeding that occurs is an epidural hematoma.

You should advise your friend's family to immediately take him to the hospital again for re-examination. Large bleeding can cause pressure on the brain that can cause herniation (protrusion) in the brain stem. These conditions can be dangerous if left without proper handling.

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