Is It Covid 19?

Illustration of Is It Covid 19?
Illustration: Is It Covid 19?

Afternoon dock, my sister had a few days experiencing symptoms of mild flu, fever, pain in the hands, feet and pain under the left breast, he worked in public spaces that meet people from different regions every day. He had taken paracetamol and his fever subsided but the pain was still doc. Is that a symptom of covid 19? If so, what should be done?

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Hello Prenita,

Thank you for the question.

Colds, fever, pain in the hands, feet, and under the breast may be part of the symptoms of COVID-19 (a disease that occurs due to a new Corona virus infection in 2019), but it may not. In addition to COVID-19, respiratory system infections by viruses or other bacteria (for example chikungunya, dengue fever, leptospirosis), other organ system infections, allergies, inflammatory disorders, fibromyalgia, nervous disorders, disorders, etc. can also trigger complaints such as those of your sister natural.

Referring to your statement, where your sister works in a public space, it does not rule out the possibility that she is also infected with COVID-19. However, given the many other possible triggers of your sister's complaints, you should not panic. Try asking him to resolve the complaint first by:

 Continue taking the medicine for paracetamol and warm compresses of his body area while he is still in pain. Get plenty of rest and drink water. Exercise as much as possible every day. Eat a variety of healthy foods and contain lots of neurotropic vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B complex, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Don't stress too much Stay away allergen exposure, for example cold, dust, animal hair, pollen, etc. Don't smoke However, if the fever does not go away within 3 days, or if the pain in his body feels even more disturbing, do not delay checking him directly to the doctor. If necessary, so that the aches and other complaints in his body are resolved, the doctor will refer him to a neurologist or internal medicine.

Hope this helps ...

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