Is It Dangerous For Long-term Headaches?

Illustration of Is It Dangerous For Long-term Headaches?
Illustration: Is It Dangerous For Long-term Headaches?

Good afternoon, I am 23. I want to ask about my headache, it has been a long time since more than 4 years, and now the pain is getting worse like being stabbed and the duration can be almost all day unless I sleep. My head only hurts on the left side, if it’s worse it can reach the eyes, around the ears, top and back of the head, as well as the most often nape of the neck. I used to go to a doctor and was given therapy but there was no change, what could it be? Is it dangerous?

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Hello Pralia,

Thank you for asking

Head pain that appears like being stabbed, feels dominant on the left head, but can also spread to the ear, upper head, back, to the nape may be a sign of migraine.

Migraine itself is one type of primary headache that occurs due to neurovascular disorders in the brain. Many experts suspect this condition occurs related to changes in the brain stem and its interaction with trigeminal nerves which are mediated by various chemical compounds, including serotonin. Migraine attacks can occur due to triggered by hormonal changes in women, consumption of certain foods or drinks, physical or psychological stress, changes in sleep and wake patterns, sensory stimulation or environmental changes, side effects of drugs, and so on.

In addition to migraines, headaches as you experience them may also be related to other causes, for example cluster headaches, cerebral aneurysms, brain tumors, head or neck injuries, hypertension, viral or bacterial infections, trigeminal or occipital neuralgia, and so on.

It requires a thorough neurological examination or is also assisted with a number of investigations, such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI, etc. so that the cause of your head pain can be identified properly. Therefore, we suggest, check your complaint back to the doctor or neurologist so that your complaint is resolved thoroughly. Some types of drugs your doctor can give you later so that you can get back to your activities properly without significant obstacles.

In the meantime, you can first resolve your complaint with the following steps:

Take pain relievers, for example paracetamol
Get plenty of rest, at least 6-7 hours a day
Don't use a pillow that is too high when you sleep
Do relaxation, meditation, regular exercise
Don't eat too late
Don't overeat foods that contain salt and flavorings, also reduce consumption of soft drinks and caffeinated
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol

Hope this helps ...

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