Is It Dangerous If A 4-year-old Child Bleeds A Lot?

Illustration of Is It Dangerous If A 4-year-old Child Bleeds A Lot?
Illustration: Is It Dangerous If A 4-year-old Child Bleeds A Lot?

morning, I want to ask. in the last 3hrs, my 4th child often has a nosebleed. Is it dangerous or not? The last condition of my child is to cough up a cold for almost a week.

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Hello Yura

Nosebleeds in children is a fairly common thing. Nosebleeds can be caused by various things, and not all nosebleeds are a dangerous disease.

From the situation that your child is experiencing, if your child is coughing a cold and having a nosebleed, then it might be due to irritation of the nasal mucosa. When a child has a cold, then the inside of the nasal cavity will tend to be easily irritated, especially if scratched or sniff too hard. This can cause bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds), and it can recur if blood clots in the nose come off again when a cold occurs again. This is not dangerous, you just put sterile tissue or gauze into the nose to suppress the bleeding nose. Let stand for 10 minutes. Then release slowly, and don't let the child scratch or blow your nose too hard.

But other than that, the state of your nosebleeds can also be caused by other causes such as:

an infection such as dengue fever
Nasal polyps
side effects of certain drugs
blood clotting disorders
certain tumors

Therefore, to determine the exact cause of your child's condition, it is best for your child to go directly to the child's doctor's specialist, so that the doctor can examine your child's condition directly and provide appropriate therapy. Do not give any medicine to your child.

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