Is It Dangerous To Boil Alcohol?

Illustration of Is It Dangerous To Boil Alcohol?
Illustration: Is It Dangerous To Boil Alcohol?

Hello, my doctor, I want to ask you about the dangers of not alcohol Ethanol in the stew. What are the dangers of alcohol, and what is the danger of not alcohol methane?

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Hello Lintank Bravasta,

Methanol is the simplest form of alcohol. Its clear, volatile, flammable (can be burned if ignited directly with the source of the fire), and has a pungent odor similar to ethanol. If you boil methanol or ethanol, the boiling point of the two solutions is much lower than the boiling point of water, which is 64.7 ° Celsius and 78 ° Celsius. So that methanol and ethanol will quickly evaporate and the remaining volume is very small (a little). Steam produced from the stew is also still flammable (easily ignited when exposed to sources of ignition) so that if not careful can create a fire.

Methanol (methyl alcohol, called spiritus by the laity) is not a form of alcohol that can and is suitable for consumption (although many abuse it by adding it to mixed alcohol). Methanol is a material that is far more toxic than ethanol. Methanol is intended for industry, such as solvents, fuel additives. Ethanol is a form of alcohol that can be found in alcoholic drinks, various types of cuisine, and can also be in disinfectant ingredients (with a higher percent).

So is it safe or not to come back again, for what reasons and purposes do you boil ethanol or methanol? Because methanol is indeed used as fuel (spiritus) and ethanol can also be added (usually from alcoholic drinks) for certain dishes. Which when poured and exposed to a fire source will cause a large flame and will die by itself if the solution is partially lost.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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