Is It Dangerous To Do Impact Extraction Surgery?

Illustration of Is It Dangerous To Do Impact Extraction Surgery?
Illustration: Is It Dangerous To Do Impact Extraction Surgery?

Permission to ask. I have 4 teeth that have to be taken because of the impact. But this is one tooth that has felt growing out of my teeth (I feel and I feel a lump)

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Hello Fitrilia,

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Impaction on a tooth refers to the condition of a tooth buried deep in the structure of the jaw, gum, or surrounding teeth so that it is difficult to experience an eruption. This condition can cause pain, swelling, to stiff jaw which is very annoying. Not only that, impacted teeth can also have secondary infections to form abscesses. Therefore, many doctors recommend that impacted teeth are removed before more severe clinical symptoms appear.

Impacted tooth extraction surgery, like any other medical procedure, is certainly not without risk. In some cases, bleeding can occur, prolonged pain, to post-operative infections. But compared to the dangers, the risk that might result from impacting the teeth themselves is no less frightening. With the competence of doctors who perform operations, as well as optimal treatment after surgery, the risk of this danger can often be prevented and treated properly. Before recommending that you undergo surgery to extract impacted teeth, of course the doctor has weighed well the benefits and risks. A wise doctor will only recommend a treatment if it is felt that the benefits obtained will far exceed the risks that may arise.

Therefore, you should consult this matter directly with your dentist or oral surgeon specialist who checks the condition of your teeth.

I hope this helps.

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