Is It Difficult To Speak Fluently Because Of A Short Tongue?

Illustration of Is It Difficult To Speak Fluently Because Of A Short Tongue?
Illustration: Is It Difficult To Speak Fluently Because Of A Short Tongue?

Is it difficult to speak fluently because the tongue is short ??

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Hello Imron Rosadi,

The term short tongue is actually aimed at ankyloglosia, which is a congenital disorder (from birth) in which the frenulum tissue under the tongue is short and thick, making it difficult for the tongue to move. So it's not the size of his short tongue. This disorder can be overcome by the action of frenuloplasty, cutting the frenulum.

This ankyloglosia or tongue tie can cause speech articulation disorders, for example saying "home" to "home". Ankyloglosia generally does not interfere with a person's fluency (disfluency).

Speech disfluency, commonly called stuttering, is generally characterized by the following symptoms:

Repeat the words for example: I ... I ... I want to eat
Many use the word emm ... eee .. which pause when talking
There is a pause when talking / stop while talking
Eyes flickering while talking, head shaking unconsciously while talking
Cause frustration because you can not speak fluently
Appears more severe when I have to talk in public, have to talk fast for example on the phone, under conditions under pressure

Fluent speech disorder usually occurs from childhood. Early treatment can assist patients in overcoming stuttering, practicing fluency in speaking especially in certain situations.

Speech disorder that arises suddenly when an adult / elderly patient needs to watch out for and consult a doctor immediately. One of the causes is stroke which can cause aphasia (the patient suddenly cannot speak). In addition, speech disorders with the following characteristics need to be examined further by a doctor:

Settle> 6 months
More often appear as you grow older
Interfering with daily social interactions
Cause anxiety disorders or excessive fear in situations that require talking

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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